Dear Area Doc – Let’s Not Be Awkward Anymore

Written by IHRSA

Hey Doc,

We need to talk.

Your patients are sedentary and overweight, and they want to do something about it.

We should be communicating, discussing club programs that would help your patients, and collaborating on initiatives to improve the health of the community.

We know that you know that research has long shown that a healthy, physical active lifestyle can help your patients with prevention and management of several chronic conditions, boost mood, and extend quality life years

And we know you’re busy with your patients and your paperwork, and that you’re trying like crazy to keep up with the rapidly transforming health care system (like that new electronic health record software in your office..,) but an exercise prescription only takes like 30 seconds to fill.

Your patients need to exercise; we provide safe and supportive environments for exercise. Let’s talk!

We know you have questions:

“How do I know your facility is safe for my patients?”

“How will you make my patients, many who have been sedentary for a long time, comfortable in your facility?”

“Do your staff people know what they are talking about?”

We’d love to give you answers.

Are you worried about the cost of attending our facilities?

Consider this…

The average cost of non-insulin prescription diabetes medication is $1,423 per year. If a patient eliminated his or her need for prescription medications like Metformin through diet and exercise, he or she would save enough money to purchase two health club memberships per year.

And depending on the drug and dose required, a lower risk patient who needs statin drugs to lower his or her cholesterol and reduce his or her risk of heart disease can spend $12 – $153 on these drugs per month. The cost for higher risk patients can be $63 – $163 per month. There are currently health clubs that cost as little as $10 – $20 per month, and patients who use diet and exercise with the support of a health club to reduce or eliminate their need for statins will see their club membership pay for itself over time.

So, please, take our calls. Or, better yet, come on over and see what we’re all about. Your patients will love us and they will think you are a hero for recommending us.

All the best,

Your Local IHRSA Members