Healthy People in Action Criteria

Healthy People in Action posts demonstrate how Healthy People 2030, its partners, and communities nationwide are improving health and well-being. Read on to learn about the criteria that posts need to meet to qualify as Healthy People Partnership Stories, Community Stories, or News and Events.

Partnership Stories

Healthy People Partnership Stories must:

  • Feature organizations that have official partnerships with ODPHP 
  • Address the organizations’ connections to the Healthy People 2030 framework 
  • Demonstrate broad efforts that reflect collaboration across sectors or across different levels of government  
  • Demonstrate how the organizations’ efforts are specifically related to Healthy People

Partnership Stories may also highlight programs, tools, and resources that the organizations have developed to support Healthy People 2030 but that don’t qualify as evidence-based resources (EBRs).

Community Stories

Healthy People Community Stories feature organizations that may not have official partnerships with ODPHP. Healthy People 2030 workgroups, federal partners, or official Healthy People 2030 partners may recommend Community Stories. Community Stories must:

  • Demonstrate action at the community level to address Healthy People topics or objectives, including Leading Health Indicators, through either evidence-based practices or promising practices
  • Include metrics on the impact of the practices — formal outcomes evaluation data are preferred, but process evaluation data are acceptable for some posts

Evidence-based practices use evidence-based strategies, preferably from the Healthy People 2030 EBR database, but could also use widely accepted and tested theories related to public health, health education, and behavior change. 

If the organization featured in the post doesn’t use an evidence-based practice, then it must use a promising practice. Posts about promising practices must include formal outcomes evaluation data.

News and Events

Healthy People News and Events posts must feature a webinar, event, or announcement related to Healthy People 2030.