Social Determinants of Health: Center-Based Early Childhood Education

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Systematic review

Source: The Guide to Community Preventive Services

Last Reviewed: March 2015

The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends center-based early childhood education programs to improve educational outcomes that are linked to social outcomes and long-term health. These programs aim to improve the cognitive or social development of children age 3 or 4 years. Programs need to have an educational component that addresses at least 1 of the following: 

  • Literacy 
  • Numeracy 
  • Cognitive development 
  • Socio-emotional development  
  • Motor skills

CPSTF found that young children in low-income or racial/ethnic minority communities who participate in early childhood education programs have improved educational, social, and emotional skills and better long-term health. 

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