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Systematic Review

Source: The Guide to Community Preventive Services

Last Reviewed: July 2019

The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends digital health interventions to help adolescents who are overweight or have obesity to manage their weight. In the interventions, trained moderators, supervised by health care providers, help adolescents learn about healthy behaviors and teach them how to use the program’s website, mobile app, or wearable devices. Adolescents record their weight and their dietary or physical activity behaviors, and they track progress toward goals. CPSTF found that these interventions lead to small but meaningful weight loss.

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Guide to Community Preventive Services. (2019). Obesity Prevention and Control: Digital Health Interventions for Adolescents with Overweight or Obesity. Retrieved from https://www.thecommunityguide.org/findings/obesity-prevention-and-control-digital-health-interventions-adolescents-overweight-obesity