Years Available
1987 to present
Mode of Collection
Surveillance data: passive data collection.
The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) compiles data on the quantities of chemicals included on the TRI list of toxic chemicals that are released into the environment or otherwise managed as waste by certain industrial and federal facilities. It also provides data on pollution prevention activities reported by these facilities, EPA makes these data available to the public through downloadable files and several data access tools. The goal of TRI is to provide communities with information about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities in their communities, and to support informed decision making at all levels by industry, government, non-governmental organizations, and the public. As of 2020, the TRI chemical list consists of 767 individually listed chemicals and 33 chemical categories. Facilities that are subject to annual TRI reporting include federal facilities, and facilities in the manufacturing, metal mining, coal mining, electric utilities, and commercial hazardous waste treatment sectors, among others.