Chronic Pain Workgroup

Objective Status

  • 0 Target met or exceeded
  • 1 Improving
  • 0 Little or no detectable change
  • 0 Getting worse
  • 0 Baseline only
  • 2 Developmental
  • 0 Research

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About the Workgroup

Approach and Rationale

Chronic pain affects 50 million adults, and high-impact chronic pain affects nearly 20 million adults.1 Pain has gotten more attention in recent years as a result of the 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, Relieving Pain in America, and the 2016 National Pain Strategy from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Chronic pain is a chronic condition in its own right, regardless of original cause, and it’s a component of many of the conditions addressed in Healthy People 2030. Pain also plays a role in the current opioid crisis.

The objectives selected by the CP Workgroup are designed to reduce the prevalence and impact of high-impact chronic pain and improve pain self-management.



Dahlhamer, J., Lucas, J., Zelaya, C., Nahin, R., Mackey, S., DeBar, L., Helmick, C. (2018). Prevalence of Chronic Pain and High-Impact Chronic Pain Among Adults — United States, 2016. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 67(36), 1001–1006.