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By Linda M. Harris, PhD, Director, Division of Health Communication and eHealth, ODPHP was the first federal health website and has been a trusted source of health information for over 20 years. The user-friendly site was designed based on health literacy and usability principles with over 700 users’ input. It is ideal for users with limited health literacy or limited time to search for health information.

healthfinder offers 2 kinds of free web content in English and in Spanish: health and wellness topics and personalized preventive services recommendations. You can now add this easy-to-read, actionable health information to your site for free by syndicating it from the HHS Syndication Storefront. With syndication, the content is updated automatically on your site — so you don’t have to spend valuable time keeping it up to date.

Health and Wellness Topics

Our Health Topics A to Z content offers the most up-to-date information for how to stay healthy on more than 120 topics.

The information on is informed and vetted by experts across multiple agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who review and update each topic annually. The healthfinder team translates this information into actionable, plain language content. When you use healthfinder’s syndication tools, changes that we make to healthfinder content are automatically updated on your website.

Personalized Preventive Services Recommendations

Our interactive myhealthfinder tool provides users with personalized recommendations for clinical preventive services (screenings, tests, immunizations, counseling, etc.) endorsed by HHS. Users enter their age, sex, and pregnancy status and receive customized information for themselves or a loved one. Most insurance plans cover these services without cost-sharing.

Content Syndication in Action

CVS Health partnered with ODPHP to incorporate myhealthfinder content through our API on the CVS Health MinuteClinic website, creating a CVS Health-branded personalized preventive services recommendations tool.

CVS Health promoted the myhealthfinder tool through various communication channels and evaluated the impact on uptake of preventive services. The results demonstrated that the promotion and use of myhealthfinder led to an increase in select preventive services in CVS Health MinuteClinics.

The Value of’s Syndicated Health Content

By adding Health Topics A to Z and/or myhealthfinder content to your website, blog, or app, you can expand the health information that you offer your users with trusted, easy-to-use, and up-to-date wellness and prevention guidance.

Other benefits of syndicating content include:

  • Maintaining the look-and-feel of your site while supplementing relevant health and prevention information
  • Selecting topics of your choice
  • Providing your visitors access to health and prevention information without requiring them to leave your web site
  • Providing high-quality health information that is curated and vetted for you by federal experts
  • Eliminating the time-consuming task of updating the content as the science changes

You can find syndicated content at HHS Storefront.