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Take Good Care

with recommendations for preventive services that are just right for you.

See which screening tests and vaccines you or your loved ones need to stay healthy.

Why are we asking these questions?

Preventive care includes health care like screenings, checkups, and vaccines. These services can find health problems before you have symptoms — or even stop problems from developing altogether.

Why get preventive care?

It can save your life. Screening tests and checkups can find problems early — so you can tackle them while they’re easier to treat.


It can stop you from getting sick. Sometimes, preventive care — like some cancer screenings or vaccines — can even keep health problems from developing altogether.


It can save you money. Most insurance plans cover preventive services, and there are free or low-cost options if you don’t have insurance. Plus, finding problems early can help you avoid costly medical bills later.


It can give you peace of mind. Regular checkups give you the chance to share concerns and ask questions about your health — and to get the support you deserve.


It can help you be there for the people that matter to you. Because sometimes, taking care of yourself is the best way to care for the ones you love.


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