February 28 - 29, 2008 Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Review of Committee Assignment and Meeting Process

CAPT Richard Troiano, Ph.D., Executive Secretary of the committee, reviewed the committee's charge and the overall committee process. The committee's work falls under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The FACA guidelines are meant to insure the work of the committee is done in an open and public manner. All communication with the committee should be done through committee staff so that all members of the committee receive the same information. The charge of the committee is to evaluate the scientific evidence of health benefits from physical activity and not to write the actual guidelines which will be written by HHS based on the committee's report to the Secretary. Oral comments from the public will be heard at this meeting and the committee will continue to receive written comments. Once the report of the committee has been received it will be posted on the Physical Activity Guidelines website and a 30 day comment period will commence in which HHS will receive comments from the public. There will be no changes to the report based on public comment. HHS will then turn over the process to a writing committee that will draft the guidelines. Additionally, HHS will begin developing communication materials to disseminate the message of the guidelines.

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