December 6 - 7, 2007 Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

General Discussion

Thursday, December 6, 11:25 a.m.

The meeting proceeded with a general discussion period on the previous presentations.

Non-Leisure versus Leisure Time Activity
During the All-Cause Mortality presentation Dr. Lee introduced the concept of different domains of physical activity such as occupational, transportation, leisure time with little mention of non-leisure time activities. Dr. Lee indicated most of the earlier studies looked at leisure time activities; however, later studies have looked at more non-leisure activities. While it is important to review different modes of activity the bottom-line focus should be on total volume of physical activity.

Observational Studies
Many of the studies sited during the previous presentations were observational studies using self-report instruments and not objective measurement systems. The fact that a majority of the studies that will be available are observational self-report studies emphasizes the need to adhere to the science in terms of guiding what will be used for making recommendations and policy statements from self-report data. It will be essential that the issue of reliance on self-report data and controlled studies be addressed in the Committee's report.

Dr. Yancey posed the question whether any of the studies sited previously reported race ethnicity and did any do any subgroup analyses by race? Dr. Lee indicated the majority of the studies in her area from Europe did not report race while many U.S. population studies did report on race. Many of the studies outside of the U.S. tended to be similarly in nature (i.e., Puerto Rico – mainly Hispanic, Japan – mainly Asian). In terms of African Americans, there does not seem to be any one study that specifically focused on that group. Many of the other studies in the earlier presentations where similar in the way race was dealt with. While there is not a lot of data along racial lines it would be beneficial to report what can concluded on race in the special populations section of the Committee report.

Measurement of Physical Activity
Much discussion centered on different means and methods for capturing and measuring physical activity and the difficulties in comparing studies using different methodologies and criteria. It will be appropriate for all Committee members to discuss these complications; however it will also be outlined in general in an introductory section of the Committee report.

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