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News & Reports April 9, 2010

by ODPHP April 9, 2010

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This week, we present abstracts on two studies published this month, and announce a webinar that may be of interest to our readers:

School Wellness Policy Leadership: Improving physical activity and physical education from state policy to school practices  (Source:  National Association of State Boards of Education).  A free webinar this Thursday (4/15), sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and hosted by NASBE.

Effects of continuous vs. interval exercise training on blood pressure and arterial stiffness in treated hypertension (Source:  Hypertension Research, PubMed)  Researchers examine the effect of various exercise patterns among patients being treated for hypertension.

Physical Activity and Risk of Stroke in Women (Source:  Stroke)  Researchers continue building the evidence base for physical activity and reduced incidence of stroke.

How do YOU keep up with the latest research and training opportunities?  Share your tips and share some links! 

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10/27/2010 10:15:14 PM #

One way to control hypertension is through Dash Diet >> (Link Removed) , there are also others way such as exercise, talking to someone or doing something you like.

Sarah United States |

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