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Look Past Clever Ads to Find Fun Family Physical Activity Opportunities

by ACSM December 12, 2012

Marketing: A Powerful Force

Families are inundated with powerful and noisy advertisements in the fields of health and fitness, many suggesting get-fit-quick products. Fitness and sports marketing may lead us to believe we can get six-pack abs through a new exercise device or that a certain pair of shoes will make us play like the pros... if only that were true!

As effective as these ads may be, they often leave the customer disappointed and frustrated with the results, or lack thereof. In addition to quick-fix disappointments, we constantly see ads for junk food via TV, radio, billboards, Internet, etc. Everywhere we look, there is temptation and the lure of a quick, family-pleasing meal.

How can families combat the marketing influencers and build a healthy lifestyle that will stick?

Fight Back for Physical Activity

The answer is simple: be active as a family, and talk about healthy lifestyles. Incorporating physical activity into busy family life doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming or difficult. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans state that children should be active for 60 minutes per day and adults should be active for 150 minutes per week. This can be as easy as walking or jogging, or as fun as shooting hoops or playing capture the flag. Parents can take part in family bonding activities while staying in shape, like taking a 20-30 minute to walk with their children after dinner or before school.

The American College of Sports Medicine's 2013 Health and Fitness Trends predict that 2013 will bring in many easy and economically friendly activities, such as body weight training. Make a goal to try at least four of the activities on the trend list - and see what works best for you and your family.

It's also important to talk together about the need to eat healthy meals and get regular physical activity. Children should learn to consider the sources of nutritional or exercise information they receive and to make judgments about what to believe and what advice to follow.

Marketers may be savvy by convincing us that we must have the latest product for a healthy life or fit physique. However, setting realistic goals, creating a schedule for fitness activities, and sharing solid information and goals can help families develop truly healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


12/22/2012 5:05:43 PM #

  This reminder is great, showing that just opening the door and going outside for a walk or other activity has all kinds of benefits for everyone at no cost. (Link Removed)

Bob Canada |

1/10/2013 2:01:11 PM #

I agree,we do need to be active as a family.

lm United States |

1/10/2013 2:01:14 PM #

I agree familys need to be active together as much as possible.

gs United States |

1/10/2013 2:02:24 PM #

I totally agree with this topic. Good choice!

kh United States |

1/10/2013 2:05:50 PM #

I total agree with this. You always dont have to have the best excersise epuipment to be fit.

BA United States |

1/10/2013 2:06:03 PM #

This is so true.I totally agree.

mm United States |

1/10/2013 2:06:39 PM #

That is true you cannot believe everything you see on TV or magazines.

MU United States |

1/10/2013 2:07:40 PM #

i agree completely, i think that families such as the one in the picture should be very active.  

TP United States |

1/10/2013 2:07:45 PM #

That was a good topic, i agree

klb United States |

1/10/2013 2:11:46 PM #

Really enjoyed this topic. Makes me want to do this when i have kids!

nl United States |

1/10/2013 2:18:26 PM #

i think most all people should read this, it is a very good topic and very educational!

sm United States |

1/11/2013 9:23:21 AM #

yes this might work and no it might not work. because of my mom she works night and we have school in the morning and we really dont have time  and then my boyfriend will be working night shifts and ill have my baby girl to take care of... But me and my boyfriend can also take our baby girl to the park and walk around the park and play with our baby.... well thanks for this anyways...

Jasmine Bueno United States |

1/11/2013 9:23:47 AM #

I like how it included the whole family to have fun and exercise more but i dont think it would work for my family because both of my parents work so im just saying that it wouldn't work out with every family but it was a good idea.  

Tristan Calderon United States |

1/11/2013 9:33:07 AM #

This Wouldnt Work For My Family Because My Parents Work Late! >.< ^_^

Horacio Baca United States |

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