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How Let's Move! Has Impacted the Last Two Years

by ACSM February 27, 2013

It has been two years since First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative prompted families, individuals and organizations to take their health into their own hands. The campaign has given American families the motivation to live a healthier life through physical activity and nutrition, and continue the fight against childhood obesity.

Along with Let's Move!, the National Physical Activity Plan, Exercise is Medicine(R)(EIM), Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and countless other initiatives are strengthening the movement. Each of these initiatives brings something unique. Exercise is Medicine Month in May is the special recognition month for EIM and a time for everyone to idenfity, emphasize and celebrate the valuable health benefits of exercise on a national scale.

In 2012, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) members were involved in the Let's Move Faith & Communities' Communities on the Move Video Challenge. The popular choice award went to a video called "100 Citizens: Role Models for the Future." 100 Citizens promotes the message that ending childhood obesity begins at home with the family.

USA Today's Family Fitness Challenge, which launched this month, paired six families with fitness experts to help them reach their health goals within four months. While sharing stories about their progress, they will also provide tips, tools and guidance everyone can use to start living a healthier life.

Along with these programs and initiatives, we continue to learn more every day from new research about exercise, nutrition, physiology and motivation. Our programs and policies are more effective than ever because of our growing base of information. From molecular-level, basic science to studies of group interaction and epidemiology, new knowledge is providing a solid base of evidence to underpin our efforts.

How do your efforts complement the work of Let's Move!, the National Physical Activity Plan and other initiatives?


3/10/2013 9:23:42 AM #

For those who want to take the "Lett's Move" philosophy another step towards true physical fitness and create an overall healthy attitude as a lifestyle, consider martial arts training as a life long health and fitness program.

Ronin Atletics United States |

3/17/2013 11:20:24 AM #

I do not yet see how Let's Move is working to make a difference in rural communities. The YMCA won't support our community because it is only 50 miles away from another Y. In my rural community, the tragic consequences of shutdown mills, the meth era, disabled loggers' families, and high poverty has left this unincorporated community with a lack of passionate leadership. The efforts for three years of a volunteer Board here to get grants to repair and re-open our closed but amazing indoor pool facility have not yet yielded results. Thus, this isolated, high poverty community does not 'move'. There is no recreational park or facility in an area with up to 140 inches of rain a year. Families with few extra pennies to put gas in a vehicle cannot get to out of town, private fitness clubs, let alone pay to play. Rural kids are left to their own devices for activities, often being thrilled by sedentary joys such as GameBoy toys and videos. Let's Move excited me at first as a public campaign to get the nation going, but if funds don't trickle down to the community level, the community continues to sit on its derriere. State and local foundations are granting funds for food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless, thus the local Board working to get resources to re-open our aquatic center as a wellness center are not meeting with success. I would like to see Let's Move direct some energies to granting wellness activity centers in these rural areas or encouraging legislation to require the booming health care industry to contribute some of its profits to wellness facilities rather than demanding of the sedentary that they start moving when they have no safe, secure, dry, local place to go other than the rural logging trails where the cougars roam amid the logging trucks.  

Lauren United States |

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