Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Report
Part G. Section 9: Youth

Table G9.A3 Body Composition, Cross-Sectional Studies




Deheeger et al., 1997 (1)

N=86, 37% F, 10 years

No relationship

Guillaume et al., 1997 (2)

N=1,028, 6-12 years

M: small inverse relationship; F: no relationship

Schmidt et al., 1997 (3)

N=1,681, 6-16 years, 81% Asian

Active children have less adiposity than non-active

Ward et al., 1997 (4)

N=150, 100% F

Significant low correlation

Takada et al., 1998 (5)

N=457, 45% F, 10 years

No relationship

Raudsepp & Pall,1999 (6)

N=123, 100% F, 8.2±1.4 years

Significant low-moderate correlation

Rowlands et al., 1999 (7)

N=34, 50% F, 8-10 years

Moderate inverse correlation

Dionne et al., 2000 (8)

N=373, 0% F, 14.5±3.3 years

No relationship

Grund et al., 2000 (9)

N=88, 44% F, 5-11 years

No relationship

Kawabe et al., 2000 (10)

N=264, 0% F, 17-18 years

Active children have less adiposity than non-active

LeMura et al., 2000 (11)

N=54, 52% F, 9.5 years

Significant moderate inverse correlation

McMurray et al., 2000 (12)

N=2,389, 52% F, 10-16 years, 77% white, 23% AA

M: PA decreases risk of overweight; F: no relationship

Ball et al., 2001 (13)

N=106, 51% F, 7.8±1.9 years

Inverse correlation: Males: moderate; Females: low

Dowda et al., 2001 (14)

N=2,791, 8-16 years

Small inverse relationship

Eisenmann et al., 2002 (15)

N=15,143, 9th-12th graders

Small inverse relationship

Klentrou et al., 2003 (16)

N=256, 51% F, 14.3±0.3 years

Active children have less adiposity than non-active

Abbott & Davies, 2004 (17)

N=40, 53% F, 5-10 years

Moderate inverse correlation

Ara et al., 2004 (18)

N=114, 0% F, 9.4±1.5 years

Active children have less adiposity than non-active

Brage et al., 2004 (19)

N=589, 47% F, 9.6±0.4 years

No relationship

Ekelund et al., 2004 (20)

N=1,292, 51% F, 9-10 years

Significant low correlation

Forshee et al., 2004 (21)

N=2,216, 12-16 years

Active children have less adiposity than non-active

Janssen et al., 2004 (22)

N=5,890, 11-16 years

Low PA associated with overweight/obesity

Patrick et al., 2004 (23)

N=878, 54% F, 11-15 years

Low PA associated with overweight/obesity

Raustorp et al., 2004 (24)

N=871, 49% F, 7-14 years

No relationship

Ekelund et al., 2005 (25)

N=445, 57% F, 17 years

M: significant low inverse correlation, F: no relationship

Gutin et al., 2005 (26)

N=421, 53% F, 16.2±1.2 years, 49% white, 51% AA

Moderate inverse correlation

Klein-Platat et al., 2005 (27)

N=2,714, 50% F, 12 years

Significant low correlation

Rennie et al., 2005 (28)

N=100, 40% F, 6-8 years

Active energy expenditures and PA level are significant predictors of fat mass in non-obese

Treuth et al., 2005 (29)

N=229, 57% F, 7-19 years

Low-moderate correlation

Andersen et al., 2006 (30)

N=1,732, 53% F, 9 & 15 years

No relationship

Guerra et al., 2006 (31)

N=1,341, 53% F, 8-15 years

M: low PA risk for obesity; F: no relationship

Kruger et al., 2006 (32)

N=1,257, 10-15 years, 15% white, 73% AA

M: significant low inverse correlation; F: no relationship




Lohman et al., 2006 (33)

N=1,553, 100% F, 12.0±0.5 years, 45% white, 22% AA, 22% Hispanic

Significant low correlation

Ruiz et al., 2006 (34)

N=780, 51% F, 9-10 years

Significant inverse correlation

Dollman & Ridley, 2006 (35)

N=843, 48% F, 10-11 years

No relationship

Duncan et al., 2007 (36)

N=969, 53% F, 5-12 years

Inverse relationship with percent fat, not body mass index

Hussey et al., 2007 (37)

N=224, 63% F, 7-10 years

Low-moderate significant inverse correlation

Kelishadi et al., 2007 (38)

N=4,811, 53% F, 6-18 years

No relationship

Lioret et al., 2007 (39)

N=1,016, 3-14 years

Significant inverse relationship in 3-5 year olds

Rizzo et al., 2007 (40)

N=529. 50% F, 9 & 15 years

Inverse relationship

Saelens et al., 2007 (41)

N=42, 50% F, 8 years

Significant low-moderate correlation

Stallmann-Jorgensen et al., 2007 (42)

N=661, 50% F, 14-18 years, 51% white, 49% AA

Significant moderate correlation

Stevens et al., 2007 (43)

N=984, 100% F, 6th and 8th graders, mixed race/ethnicity

Moderate association of moderate to vigorous PA and risk of overweight/high percent fat

Thavendiranathan et al., 2007 (44)

N=147, 12.5±3.2 years

No relationship

Wittmeier et al., 2007 (45)

N=251, 48% F, 8-11 years

Low inverse correlation of energy expenditure and PA with fat mass standardized for height

AA, African American; F, female; M, male; N, number, PA, physical activity

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