February 28 - 29, 2008 Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

General Discussion

Thursday, February 28, 11:35 a.m.

Dr. Haskell opened a general discussion period.

A question was asked regarding the statement made in the energy balance subcommittee report stating that in highly controlled lab studies women may be more resistant to weight loss than men and whether it was meant that highly controlled lab studies meant studies that controlled for actual energy expenditure. The study referred to in the report did control very specifically for physical activity. In some studies where dietary restraint was part of the control in order to make sure diet didn't change the physical activity intervention would equal the dietary intervention which is not typically done.

A question was asked on the need for a balanced training component to help reduce risk of fall that was referenced in the functional health report and whether there is evidence to isolate training as a specific factor. From the studies reviewed from the Functional Health group the major theme suggests balance training as an important factor when added to other activities such as strength and aerobic activity. There is no data to currently support whether one specific mode reduces risk versus multi-modal training.

During the energy balance presentation most of the data focused on older adults; however, a questions was asked on what data existed for the young-to-middle aged life span. Most of the data in this area only focused on middle-aged to older adults. A follow-up question was posed on the statistical confidence in the national weight control registry and what potential biases may exist in the study. Based on potential for bias not a lot of emphasis is given to the study. Additional discussion focused on how much activity is required to prevent excessive weight gain over time in a normal weight population. As there are a limited number of studies in this area the committee should be careful about what is said in this area.

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