Workshop 3 Transcript

Tom and I have found some cost-cutting ways to eat healthy and not ruin our budget. And you can too! Watch this video to learn tips to help you pick and prepare healthy foods -- without breaking the bank.

We’re working on saving up for a family vacation. So, to save money, we always plan ahead before grocery shopping.

We flip through the store flyer that comes in the mail and circle the sale items.

Then, we make our shopping list. And stick to it in the store. That way, we’re not tempted to buy items on impulse -- and off our budget.

To get the most value for our money, we buy fruits and vegetables in season. If we want something out of season, like berries or green beans, we buy the frozen kind. They’re as good for you as fresh ones and can cost a lot less.

And instead of buying pricier single servings, we buy value packs on sale. We eat some now and freeze smaller packs for later. Saves money!

We go meatless a few meals a week. Beans or lentils, with brown rice served with a side of vegetables. Or a veggie omelet with a salad.

My family eats well and my piggy bank is much fuller.

Try our budget-stretching tips! Buy sale items. And shop with a list.

Buy frozen. Buy in bulk. Re-package in smaller packages.

And, go meatless one or more days a week.

Good-for-you foods at a good savings!

For more information, go to www dot health dot gov forward slash dietary guidelines. This presentation was brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.