The Commission will evaluate and make recommendations, as appropriate, to Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding:

  1. Federal programs of the Department of Health and Human Services that focus on preventing and reducing the incidence of complex metabolic or autoimmune diseases that result from insulin-related issues and represent a significant disease burden in the United States, including complications due to such diseases
  2. Current activities and gaps in federal efforts to support clinicians in providing integrated, high-quality care to individuals with these diseases and complications
  3. The improvement in, and improved coordination of, federal education and awareness activities related to the prevention and treatment of these diseases and complications, which may include the use of existing and new technologies
  4. Methods for outreach and dissemination of education and awareness materials that:
    1. Address these diseases and complications
    2. Are funded by the federal government
    3. Are intended for health care professionals and the public
  5. Opportunities for consolidating any inappropriately overlapping or duplicative federal programs related to these diseases and complications

No later than 3 years after the Commission’s first meeting, NCCC will submit a final report of all findings and recommendations to the Secretary and Congress.