Professionals and Citizens to Implement the National Physical Activity Plan



Antronette Yancey, MD—Creator of Instant Recess, Meb Keflezighi—American marathon champion, Robert Sallis, MD, FACSM—Chair of Exercise is Medicine

Antronette Yancey, MD-Creator of Instant Recess™, Meb Keflezighi-American marathon champion, Robert Sallis, MD, FACSM-Chair of Exercise is Medicine™

This is my last post as president of the American College of Sports Medicine (Tom Best, M.D.,  Ph.D., takes office at the conclusion of our 57th Annual Meeting, June 2-5 in Baltimore). One special satisfaction of this remarkable year has been the opportunity for the College to play a role in the development and launch of the National Physical Activity Plan.


ACSM has contributed in several ways, all in keeping with our mission. Many of our member/experts served on the working groups that identified strategies and tactics for each of the Plan’s eight sectors. Robert Sallis, M.D., led the Health Care working group. What could be more appropriate for the chair of the Exercise is MedicineTM initiative than helping all Americans enjoy optimum health by ensuring they have opportunities for physical activity?


As the Plan now moves into implementation, I urge all ACSM members to become involved. As experts in an array of disciplines from education and research to clinical medicine and health/fitness, ACSM members have the skills and connections to carry the Plan’s strategies to policy makers and others who can make them a reality.


We each have a personal stake in bringing about the kinds of changes called for in the Plan. Our children need to be more active at school. Our neighborhoods need sidewalks and pocket parks. Our roads need bike lanes. Our employers need to encourage workplace wellness, and so on.


The National Physical Activity Plan, like ACSM, is comprehensive, diverse and rich with opportunities. Helping implement the Plan embodies our role of translating knowledge into practice. Nothing could be more appropriate—and nothing could have a more profound impact on so many individuals and communities.


What opportunities does your professional role offer to help implement the National Physical Activity Plan?


What can you do as a member of your community to help bring opportunities for appropriate physical activity to each of your fellow citizens?