Opportunity to Comment on Draft National Physical Activity Plan



Hands holding a globe

The launch of the National Physical Activity Plan is set for May 3, 2010.  This date will represent the culmination of a two year long effort to produce the first U.S. National PA Plan.  The goal is to kick off a long-term social movement to have more Americans meet federal PA Guidelines.  We’re highly encouraged by the attention the Plan and its launch are garnering from top public health officials as well as grassroots organizations at local levels.  However, before the some critical steps must be taken, each offering opportunities for individual and organizational involvement. 

Draft 1 of the Plan was disseminated for comment in January.  Did you see it?  If not, please contact us so that you can review and comment on subsequent drafts.  Working Groups representing each of the 8 societal sectors targeted in the Plan are now reviewing those comments in preparation for Draft 2, which will be disseminated for comment in mid March. 

It is important that this second draft be as widely disseminated as possible.  We will engage all those who have been involved in the process to date, as well as those who sign on now in reviewing  Draft 2.   Once the Draft 2 comments are reviewed and integrated, the final version of the plan will be prepared for the May 3rd launch.

The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan will be a web-based document.  This format will allow for ease of use, significant reach, and regular updating as progress is made.  A simple click of the mouse will enable a business owner, school principal, urban planner, or elected official to advance any one recommendation action or series of recommended actions.

How would you like to be involved with the National Physical Activity Plan?  How can the plan best be implemented?