New Commentary Series from the NPAPA


This summer, the NPAP Alliance introduced its new commentary series –

NPAP Commentaries on Physical Activity and Health

The commentary series is intended to be a bi-monthly e-publication designed to draw attention to timely and thought-provoking issues in physical activity and public health.  Ultimately, the primary aim of these opinion essays is to generate momentum to advance the field of physical activity and public health.

Each commentary will address a current physical activity and public health issue that is of interest to a broad range of people – researchers, practitioners, policymakers, community leaders, educators, and more. If you have not done so, be sure to check out the first commentary submitted by Dr. Kenneth Powell and stay tuned for the next one, coming soon! All commentaries can be found on the NPAP Commentaries Archive page

Commentary: The ‘Best Buy’ in Public Health  

Submitted by Kenneth Powell, MD, PhD

In 1994, Professor Jeremy Morris, speaking at a symposium honoring Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger’s 70th birthday, proclaimed physical activity as the “Best Buy in Public Health.” Today, more than 20 years later, bargain-hunting American consumers who usually buy anything “on sale,” aren’t buying. Was Dr. Morris wrong? Is physical activity not the “best buy” we thought it was? And if it is, why aren’t we buying? [Read more]