Help Your Patients Cut Down on Sodium


If you’ve ever worked with patients to help them cut down on sodium, you probably know they need focused strategies and tools to stay on track.

Fortunately, a new resource based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans can help patients find ways to limit sodium in their diets. Share Cut Down on Sodium [PDF – 821 KB] (also available in Spanish [PDF – 821 KB]) with your patients to help them understand:

  • The relationships between sodium, blood pressure, and heart disease
  • Recommendations for limiting sodium intake
  • What foods are high in sodium
  • How to find choices lower in sodium

The resource also includes 5 specific strategies and tools people can use to reduce their sodium intake with small changes. For example, learning how to use the Nutrition Facts label to choose foods lower in sodium or cooking more at home can go a long way toward helping people cut back. The same goes for making shifts from higher-sodium foods to healthier options — like choosing fewer processed deli meats or sausages and opting for fresh options like seafood or lean meats and poultry instead.

The bottom line is that strategies like these can make it easier for your patients to cut down on sodium. And we hope that health professionals like you will use this resource to help your patients choose strategies that work best for them. Also be sure to check out our full Toolkit for Health Professionals to help you share key information from the Dietary Guidelines with your patients.