The 2018 Healthy Aging Summit: Neighborhood and Built Environment


Are you ready for the 2018 Healthy Aging Summit? We’ll be in Washington, DC, on July 16 and 17 to explore new ways to keep Americans healthy as they age. If you register by June 5, you can save up to $200 with the early bird rate. Sign up today!

Last week, we provided details about the Summit’s third meeting track, Health and Health Care. This week, we’re pleased to share the full agenda for Neighborhood and Built Environment — below you’ll find the breakout topics for this track, along with examples of specific presentations.

Looking for a different meeting track? View the schedule online to find details for the other 3 tracks — and see what else is on the agenda!

Day 1

1:15 p.m.: Age-Friendly Communities: Research and Local Examples

  • Creating Age-Friendly Communities Through Collaborative Practice and Policies: The Massachusetts Model
  • Planning for Healthy Aging: Local Health Departments and Community Health Improvement Plans
  • Shared Housing: A New Approach to Address Isolation, Lack of Affordable Housing and Poverty in a Growing Aging Population
  • Active Aging: A Collaboration Between Public Health and Aging Services

2:45 p.m.: Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

  • Stay Calm and Be Prepared: Effective Emergency Preparedness Planning in a Senior Village
  • Examining the Barriers and Facilitators of Older Adult Disaster Recovery
  • Building Resiliency in Rural Appalachia for Vulnerable Populations for All Hazards Preparedness
  • Lean On Me Project: Serving a Vulnerable Population for Disaster Preparedness Awareness

 4:15 p.m.: Smart and Accessible Homes

  • A Community-Based Approach to Reducing Household Hazards Among Seniors
  • Reframing Construction Practices in an Aging World
  • A Smart Home to Support Healthy Aging in Place for Racial and Ethnic Underserved Populations

Day 2

10:30 a.m.: Designing Age-Friendly Communities

  • IMAGE: NYC: An Open-Source Interactive Map of Aging
  • Universal Design for Sustainable Communities
  • The Relationships Between Age-Friendly Environments and Health-Related Quality of Life in Taiwan

1:00 p.m.: Opportunities and Challenges

  • A Credible Method for Dynamically Balancing Occupant Responses, Exposures, and Environmental System Performance in Occupied Elder Care Facilities
  • Aging in Place in Small Urban and Rural Communities
  • Analysis of a Crisis Counseling Approach for Disaster Recovery in Older Adults
  • Aging in the Community: Assessing Transportation Options and Walkability

2:30 p.m.: Social Engagement and Dementia-Friendly Communities

  • Dementia-Friendly Business Training, Orange County, NC
  • The Power of Connection: Reducing Social Isolation and Increasing Engagement Through Peer Discussion Groups
  • Do Trails Encourage Physical Activity Among Older Adults? A Survey of Trail Users in West Virginia and Ohio

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