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Write Actionable Content

2.7 Check content for accuracy.

Have a subject matter expert or panel periodically review your health content for accuracy. Post the date the content was last reviewed and the reviewer’s name and contact information. This gives your content more credibility with users.

Figure 2.5

The date the content was last reviewed and the name and contact information of the reviewer are both clearly displayed at the bottom of this page from the Office on Women’s Health.

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Develop a style guide.

Use a style guide to keep your content consistent. Style guides are especially helpful when writing about something like health—a subject that includes many topic-specific words and phrases. A content style guide will help you establish a streamlined set of health-related terms that users will come to recognize in your content.

A style guide also lays out the rules for writing content for a specific website. A style guide can help you keep track of grammar, spelling, and writing preferences. (For example, is it “website” or “Web site”?) You also can use a style guide to keep track of heading and font size.

A style guide is an evolving document. Writers and editors will likely add to it over time. Be sure to keep it easily accessible.24 Many organizations use a wiki for their online style guide because it’s easy to update and share. (A wiki is a website that allows for the easy creation and editing of web documents.)

For tips on creating a content style guide, check out this resource from