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Display Content Clearly on the Page


Writing easy-to-read web content is only the first step. If you want people to understand the content, it needs to look easy to read—both on desktop and on mobile.

Even health content written in plain language can look overwhelming if there’s too much text in a paragraph or not enough space on the page.7,24,35,49 And if your site doesn’t display or function well on mobile, users on mobile devices may give up before they even get to your content.

Web design and content go hand in hand. Use white space, layout, font, and color to help users understand the content on your website.

Try this

When developing your health content, imagine you’re writing for a mobile screen. This will naturally force you to take into account many of the best practices outlined in this section. By writing for a mobile display, your content will be simpler and easier to understand across all screen sizes.