2012 Health Care-Associated Infections (HAI) Data Summit

May 30-31, 2012

Kansas City, MO

The HAI Data Summit was an opportunity for public and private sector HAI prevention partners to review existing data sources and to discuss and make recommendations to enhance the value of HAI data.


2012 HAI Data Summit Full Report [PDF - 648 KB]

2012 HAI Data Summit Discussion Highlights [PDF - 144 KB]


  • 2012 HAI Data Summit Agenda [PDF - 464 KB]
    • First Plenary: Electronic Health Records Systems, Standards, and Use in HAI Reporting [PDF - 1,585 KB]
    • Second Plenary: HHS HAI Reporting Systems: Overview of Selected Systems, Public Reporting of HAI Data [PDF - 1,981 KB]    
    • Third Plenary: National and State Level Validation Efforts [PDF - 2,182 KB]
    • Fourth Plenary: Enhancing the HAI Data Supply Chain [PDF - 3,558 KB]
    • Track Session: Ambulatory Surgical Centers [PDF - 855 KB]
    • Track Session: End-Stage Renal Disease Facilities [PDF - 235 KB]
    • Track Session: Acute Care Hospitals [PDF - 1,832 KB]

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