Highlights of the Report

This report is divided into five sections, which individually and collectively track events that have occurred since the 1993 USPHS report on dental amalgam. Provided below is a "snapshot" of the report's text and key points.

The first section outlines the progress by USPHS in carrying out the interagency risk management plan presented in the 1993 report.

The second section reports on the trends in dental restorative care and utilization of commonly available materials.

In the third section, the report summarizes the state of science with respect to dental amalgam and alternative materials, in addition to describing the efforts of the USPHS to stay up-to-date on relevant research developments.

The fourth section of the report represents a global view of the dental amalgam issue. It examines legal actions taken against dental amalgam in the U.S. and the outputs of several risk assessments performed by individual nations and international bodies. It also documents the considerable outreach in which USPHS officials have been engaged in order to complement and add credibility to the work of USPHS agencies.

The fifth and final section departs from the amalgam focus of this report and takes a wide-angle look at the future directions of oral health care and dental research from the perspectives of senior USPHS officials charged with program responsibilities in these areas. The section also examines how these new horizons in dental practice relate to the ongoing controversy regarding dental amalgam and the future role of EHPC's Working Group on Dental Amalgam.

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