An Action Plan for Federal Public Health Agencies

Appendix D

Assessing Environmental Health Data Needs
Bridge Room, North Academic Wing
Maritime Institute, Linthicum Heights, MD

March 3-5, 1997


MONDAY, March 3

1:00 PM

Welcome and Overview of Meeting Goals and Agenda

Ron Bialek, Public Health Foundation

1:15 PM


(Each participant will introduce self by name, affiliation, goal for meeting, and relevant work.
The time for this session is based on approx. 1-2 min. for each of 35 participants)

2:15 PM

Need for the Project: Historical Perspective

Diane Wagener, National Center for Health Statistics
Dalton Paxman, Office of Disease Prevention arid Health Promotion

2:30 PM

Environmental Health Policy Committee

Diane Wagener, National Center for Health Statistics
Dalton Paxman, Office of Disease Prevention
and Health Promotion
(Description of EHPC, its Subcommittee on Data Needs, and how results
of workshop can inform the federal government)

2:45 PM

Related initiatives

Community Environmental Health Assessment Project
Heidi Klein NACCHO

Environmental Public Health Surveillance Consensus Workshops
Steve Macdonald, CDC/NCEH

3:00 PM

Break and refreshments

3:15 PM

Information needs

Susan Lindsey, New Hampshire Division of Public Health (5 min.)
Peter Thornton, Volusia County Public Health Unit (FL) (5 min.)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Identify what S/L public health officials need to know to provide essential services
to their populations. Begin the construction of a matrix. Discuss short-term and
long-term needs and priorities.)

4:45 PM


5:00 PM


TUESDAY, March 4

9:00 AM

Information availability, accessibility, and quality

Lee Thielen, Colorado Department of Health and Environment (5 min.)
David Piposzar, Allegheny County Health Department (PA) (5 min.)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Discussion of information sources/data bases. Are the data available?
Accessible? Timely? Of high quality? How are the data used?)

10:15 AM

Information gaps

Linda Sewall, NC Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources (5 min.)
John Domzalski, City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health (5 min.)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Identify where no data exists or where data has problems with quality,
timeliness, accessibility, etc. Explore short-term, long-term, urban, rural,
other gaps; missing topics; and the like)

11:15 AM


11:30 AM

Barriers to data collection, analyses, availability/accessibility

Ana Osorio, California Department of Health Services (5 min.)
Henry Anderson, Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services (5 min.)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Resource shortages in funding, personnel, technology; regulatory gliches;
cost; lack of analytical capability; no compatibility of data sets standards);
confidentiality concerns; no data collection method developed; etc.)

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Filling in the information gaps and overcoming barriers

Bruce Brackin, Mississippi State Department of Health (5 min.)
Daniel Boatright, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (5 min.)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Filling info gaps: identify potential new information sources; analytical techniques; linkages of existing data sets; or standards. Overcoming barriers: describe new rules; regulations; legislation; funding and staffing possibilities; quality control; technological innovation; software capabilities; training opportunities; new data collection methods)

3:30 PM


3:45 PM

Identifying solutions

Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Focus on opportunities for action; identify tangible action steps)

5:00 PM


PHF presenter

5:15 PM



9:00 AM

Summary of meeting

PHF presenter for

    1. info needs, availability/accessibility, gaps, filling in gaps;
    2. identifying barriers and how to overcome
    3. possible solutions
    (10 min.)

Participant response and open discussion
(Review of matrix as it has been put together. What's missing?
Have we identified the key issues? Do we want to rearrange any items?)

9:30 AM

Identifying building blocks for federal action

Two federal presenters/EHPC Subcommittee reps. (5-10 min. each)
Facilitator for panel and open discussion
(Organize action steps into cohesive directions/strategies. What are the priority issues regarding state/local needs and how can federal partners help?
Make policy suggestions to bridge the gaps.)

11:30 AM

Next steps for group

PHF facilitator
(Discuss distribution of meeting results, next meeting, communication)



PHF presenter

12:15 PM


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