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Membership of the Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels

[Letters of Transmittal]

Executive Summary

Chapter I: Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

Major Provisions

The Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels


Chapter II: Background on Dietary Supplements

Pertinent Legislation and Regulations

Consumer Use

Characteristics of the U.S. Dietary Supplement Industry

Chapter III: Major Issues and Recommendations Related to Labeling of Dietary Supplements

Safety of Dietary Supplements

Label Information

NLEA Claims in Dietary Supplement Labeling

Scope of Statements of Nutritional Support

Substantiation Files for Statements of Nutritional Support

Publications Exempt From Classification as Labeling When Used in Connection With Sales

Botanical Products


Chapter IV: Additional Issues and Recommendations Identified by the Commission

Information for Consumers and Health Professionals

Need for Industry Expert Advice on Safety, Label Statements, and Claims

Research Issues

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements

Chapter V: Literature Cited
Appendix A: Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
Appendix B: Charter of The Commission
Appendix C: Commission Procedures
Appendix D: Individuals and Organizations Presenting Oral Testimony to the Commission
Appendix E: Individuals and Organizations Providing Written Submissions to the Commission
Appendix F: Acronyms
Table 1: Regulations Related to Dietary Supplements Since Passage of DSHEA
Table 2: Status of Health Claims
Table 3: Examples of Disclaimers Used in Other Countries
Table 4: FY 1995 Expenditures and Number of Projects in Human Nutrition Research, Manpower Development, Training, and Education by Federal Agencies
Table 5: Obligations for Nutrition Research and Training by Agency, Fiscal Years 1986 Through 1995 (Thousands of Dollars)
Figure 1: Chronology: October 1994 to November 1997
Figure 2: Echinaceae Purpureae
Figure 3: Rhizoma Zingiberis

Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels