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Eating Out with the Guidelines

Just Enough for You: About Food Portions

This handout discusses the difference between portions and servings, how to control portions when eating at home and when eating out, and if getting more food for the money is a good value.

Tip sheet: Eat Healthy When Dining Out

This 1-page tip sheet provides some ideas for questions to ask at restaurants and ideas of what foods to select when eating out.

Tip Sheet: Eating Healthy with Ethnic Food

This 1-page tip sheet suggests foods to choose from when eating Chinese, Italian, or Mexican foods.

Lower Fat, Lower Calorie Alternative Foods

This is 2-pager provides suggestions for lower-fat versions of higher-fat foods.

4 Ways to Make Safer Food Selections: Your Guide to Safer Eating Out and Taking Out

This guide provides four easy steps to protect against foodborne illness when selecting foods that are ready-to-eat at a restaurant, delicatessen, take-out counter, or grocery store.

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