Brief Biographical Sketches of the DGAC

Lucile Adams-Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Oncology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Washington, DC.

Dr. Adams-Campbell also serves as the Associate Director of Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Associate Dean of Community Health and Outreach at Georgetown University Medical Center Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Adams-Campbell is an epidemiologist who specializes in community health research, interventions, and outreach and is a current member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. She has played a leading role in the Washington, DC cancer and public health communities. Her research focuses on energy balance, diet and exercise. Dr. Adams-Campbell has participated in and led several large cohort studies of African-American women, and she played a leading role in bringing the Boston University Black Women's Health Study to the District of Columbia—the largest study of African-American women.

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