Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

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Part D. Chapter 3: Individual Diet and Physical Activity Behavior Change


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All of the questions covered in this chapter— eating out, family shared meals, sedentary behavior, self-monitoring, food and menu labeling, household food insecurity, and acculturation—were answered using Nutrition Evidence Library (NEL) systematic reviews. A description of the NEL process is provided in Part C: Methodology. All reviews were conducted in accordance with NEL methodology, and the DGAC made all substantive decisions required throughout the process to ensure that the most complete and relevant body of evidence was identified and evaluated to answer each question. All steps in the process were documented to ensure transparency and reproducibility. Specific information about individual systematic reviews can be found at, including the search strategy, inclusion and exclusion criteria, a complete list of included and excluded articles, and detailed documentation describing the included studies and the body of evidence. A link to this website is provided following each evidence review.

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