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Figure 26
Mortality Due to Heart Disease and Stroke By Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity Age-Adjusted Mortality Rate
(per 100,000 population)
American Indian/Native American  
     CHD 118
     Stroke 41
Asian or Pacific Islander  
     CHD 108
     Stroke 51
Black or African American  
     CHD 234
     Stroke 79
     CHD 183
     Stroke 56
Hispanic or Latino  
     CHD 154
     Stroke 44
Not Hispanic or Latino  
     CHD 187
     Stroke 58
Not Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American  
     CHD 236
     Stroke 80
Not Hispanic or Latino, White  
     CHD 184
     Stroke 56

Source: CDC Wonder. DATA2010...the Healthy People 2010 Database. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, January 2004

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