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Expanding the Reach and Impact of
Consumer e-Health Tools

June 2006

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary (Stand-Alone)
Preface: A Vision of e-Health Benefits for All
Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Mapping Diversity to Understand Users’ Requirements for e-Health Tools
Chapter 3. Assessing the Evidence Base for e-Health Tools for Diverse Users
Chapter 4. Strategic Factors in Realizing the Potential of e-Health
Chapter 5. Partnerships for Meaningful Access
Appendix 1. Environmental Scan of 40 e-HealthTools
Appendix 2. Project Interviewees, Experts Consulted, and Reviewers
Appendix 3. Chapter 3 Literature Review Summary

Appendix 4. A Comparison of Internet Use and Health Status of Populations That Experience Health Disparities (Part 1)

1. Diabetes

2. Obesity

3. Asthma

4. Cancer

5. Heart Disease and Stroke

6. Moderate/Vigorous Physical Activity

7. Tobacco Use

8. Data Sources and Methodology

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