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Physical Activity Guidelines

June 28 - 29, 2007 Advisory Committee Meeting

Additional Discussion on Youth

Dr. Haskell asked Dr. Pate to lead follow-up discussion on youth issues as a result of some earlier discussion pointing towards the need to establish a sub-committee devoted to youth versus other groups that will deal specifically with a health outcome.

Dr. Pate reviewed the traditional approach taken towards youth and physical activity guidelines as focused on fitness and fitness standards in children. This area has inherent challenges as youth do not manifest chronic diseases in significant numbers and chronic diseases will be a main organizing method for the Physical Activity Guidelines. However, there are two areas where the science seems to be developing where it may be helpful to make a recommendation. One area is development of excessive weight and development of weight conditions. The second area involves developing a youth definition of metabolic syndrome.

Additional committee discussion covered the following areas:

  • Group should look at additional markers such as bone density

  • What is the definition of youth, what age range?

  • CDC database does not include studies of children under the age of 6

  • A challenge in developing operational definition of metabolic syndrome in youth is deciding how weight status plugs in

  • In girls, physical activity and weight control can be a positive in one area such as cancer and a negative in other areas such as bone density

  • Developmental issues should be kept in mind when considering what type of activities children participate in



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