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American Pain Foundation

Contact Information

201 North Charles Street, Suite 710
Baltimore, MD 21201-4111

888-615-7246 (Voice - Toll-free),

Internet Resources


The American Pain Foundation (APF) is an independent, nonprofit organization serving people with pain through information, advocacy, and support. The mission of organization is to improve the quality of life for people with pain by raising public awareness, providing practical information, promoting research on pain, and advocating to remove barriers and increase access to effective pain management. APF’s activities include serve as an information clearinghouse, promote recognition of pain as a critical health issue and seek to remove the stigma often experienced by those with pain, and mobilize a national movement of organizations and individuals who care about better pain management.


The Foundation provides information about the causes of pain, different treatment options, ways to find trained specialists, peer support, and how to cope with pain. Information includes newsletters, publications, and news alerts.


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