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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Contact Information

Ginny Mason RN, BSN
321 High School Road NE
STE D3 #149
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

877-786-7422 (Voice - Toll-free),
877-202-5981 (FAX),

Internet Resources


A grass roots organization comprised of people who have been touched by inflammatory breast cancer and have come together to create a clearinghouse for all research and information about inflammatory breast cancer. ibcRF’s mission is to assist scientists and researchers in their work to achieve effective and meaningful prevention and treatment for inflammatory breast cancer. ibcRF also works to increase awareness of the inflammatory breast cancer, provide support and education to patients, caregivers, families and others seeking information. In addition, ibcRF operates a BioBank and Clinical Data Base to collect and store inflammatory breast cancer tissue and other biospecimens as well as the associated medical records, to be used for medical research.



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10.13.11. site down, office phone not in service, called toll free number, will update after receiving response - DK


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