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Quality Interagency Coordination Task Force

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Howard E. Holland
c/o AHRQ
2101 E. Jefferson Street, Suite 201

Rockville, MD 20852

301-427-1364 (Voice),

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The goal of the Quality Interagency Coordination Task Force (QuIC) is to ensure that all Federal agencies involved in purchasing, providing, studying, or regulating health care services are working in a coordinated way toward the common goal of improving quality of care. QuIC seeks to: provide people with information to assist them in making choices about their care: improve the care delivered by Federal providers and purchased on behalf of Federal beneficiaries: develop the infrastructure needed to improve the health care system -- to include knowledgeable and empowered workers, well-designed systems of care, and useful information systems.



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QuIC Web site being archived, no longer active. MP


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