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Project Inform

Contact Information

1375 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103–2621

1-800-822-7422 (Voice - Toll-free)
415-558-8669 (Voice)
415-558-9051 (Voice)
415-558-0684 (FAX)

Internet Resources


Project Inform represents HIV-positive people in the development of treatments and a cure, supports individuals to make informed choices about their HIV health, advocates for quality health care to respond to HIV and related conditions, and promotes medical strategies that prevent new infections. Working at the local, state and national levels since 1985, Project Inform lends an independent voice to ensure a thoughtful, compassionate response to the epidemic by government, academia, industry and the community, and we empower all individuals living with HIV to make fully informed health decisions in order to build quality of life.


PI Perspective - taking a consumer advocate’s approach to reporting on medical, governmental and regulatory issues, Project Inform’s well-respected, comprehensive treatment journal provides information from the most recent studies, plus perceptive analysis on current AIDS treatment and research.


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