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American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Contact Information

Academy Administrative Offices
P. O. Box 12846
Austin, TX 78711

512-442-4262 (Voice)
512-442-6469 (FAX)

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The mission of AANP is to promote the high standards of health care delivered by nurse practitioners and to act as a forum to enhance the identity and continuity of all nurse practitioner specialties. AANP membership services include the following: providing a national communication network for grass roots nurse practitioners; advocacy for Legislative Action benefiting Nurse Practitioners; representation in issues of concern to Nurse Practitioners such as certification, liability insurance, third party reimbursement, and rural health; representation in national health forums such as the National Rural Health Associations, and the National Alliance of Nurse Practitioners; a resource base for practice, research, legislative and marketing assistance to grass roots and state organizations and individuals; conducting surveys and gathering information for use in documenting and furthering the identity and continuity of Nurse Practitioners in the promotion of high standards of health care throughout the nation; and providing national continuing education, CEUs and information concerning other regional and national conferences.


Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners--monthly.


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