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Surgical Eye Expeditions International, Inc.

Contact Information

7200 Hollister Ave., Unit A
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

800-20-TO-SEE (Voice - Toll-free),
001-805-963-3303 (Voice), Outside the US
805-963-3303 (Voice),
805-965-3564 (FAX),

Internet Resources


Founded in 1974, this international, non-profit humanitarian organization recruits, coordinates and deploys volunteer ophthalmologists, nurses and technicians to perform free, sight-restoring surgery throughout the developing world. In addition to providing sight-restoring surgery to indigent patients, S.E.E. coordinates programs designed to foster long-term benefit to developing countries including updating the surgical skills of ophthalmologists throughout the world to increase their capacity to take care of their own underprivileged blind.



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7.26.12: Inactivated org - programs and services take place outside the U.S. - no relevant HF content - RY


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