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Healthy Child Healthy World

Contact Information

12300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 320
Los Angeles, CA 90025

310-820-2030 (Voice)
310-820-2070 (FAX)

Internet Resources


A non-profit organization whose mission is to inform parents and all those concerned with the welfare of children about preventable health and development problems caused by exposure to toxic substances in homes, schools and communities and to encourage the public to take action to protect children against these toxic threats. CHEC's Web site resources include the "Health e House," an interactive Virtual House Quiz which identifies environmental health hazards and suggests safer alternatives. "Health e House" Quiz gives parents guidance on what they're doing right in their homes, what they can change and how. First Steps, a monthly e-mail program, to enable parents to sign up and receive information throughout their baby's first year of life.



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