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Macular Degeneration Foundation

Contact Information

Liz Trauernicht
P.O. Box 531313
Henderson, NV 89053-1313

1-888-633-3937 (Voice - Toll-free), USA
702-450-2908 (Voice), International
702-450-3396 (FAX),

Internet Resources


Macular Degeneration Foundation Inc. was established as a tax exempt not for-profit organization. Macular Degeneration patients can call toll-free for phone support and counseling. Information packets are sent, free of charge by request. Their web page provides detailed and specific information at a glance. Contributions designated for research are used 100% to fund research grants to restore vision.



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The foundation developed the Retinal Ribbon in Visual Purple as a symbol of the unmet needs of people afflicted with macular degeneration and other retinal diseases which impair vision.


Date Entered: 12/1/1997
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Date Revised: 2/8/2013
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