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Meniere's Network

Contact Information

The Ear Foundation
P.O. Box 330867
Nashville, TN 37203

800-545-4327 (Voice - Toll-free),
615-627-2724 (Voice),
615-627-2728 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The Meniere's Network, a program of the EAR Foundation since 1988, was established as the Meniere's Foundation in October 1987. It is a national network of patient support groups which provide patients with the opportunity to talk to others with Meniere's disease; vestibular disorders, dizziness, or hearing loss, and to share coping strategies. The Network distributes information on these disorders to patients,the public, and health professionals; provides assistance in forming support groups; A toll-free number is established for the network.


The Network distributes a brochure about Meniere's disease and an informational packet on starting a support group. Serial publication: Steady (newsletter), quarterly--news from local groups, recent scientific research, letters from readers, etc.


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