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Family Caregiver Alliance

Contact Information

180 Montgomery Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94104

1-800-445-8106 (Voice - Toll-free)
415-434-3388 (Voice)
415-434-3508 (FAX)

Internet Resources


Founded in 1977, Family Caregiver Alliance was the first community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care at home. Long recognized as a pioneer in health services, FCA now offers programs at national, state and local levels to support and sustain caregivers. Family Caregiver Alliance is a public voice for caregivers, illuminating the daily challenges they face, offering them the assistance they so desperately need and deserve, and championing their cause through education, services, research and advocacy. Uniting research, policy and practice, FCA established the National Center on Caregiving (NCC) to advance the development of high-quality, cost effective programs and policies for caregivers in every state in the country.


FCA distributes informational materials, training manuals and other studies and reports. Serial publication: FCA publishes seven free e-newsletters covering all aspects of long-term family caregiving.


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