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Utah Department of Health

Contact Information

L. Ross Martin, Public Information Officer
P.O. Box 144102
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4102

1-800-472-4716 (Voice - Toll-free)
801-538-6101 (Voice)

Internet Resources


The Utah Department of Health offers health services and protection to Utah residents. The divisions include Community Health Services, Health Care Resources, Health Care Financing, Family Health Services, State Health Laboratory, and State Medical Examiner. The Department of Health sponsors two toll-free hotlines. The Utah Health Line (1-800-472-4716) provides free information on public health programs, medical services, and health resources, making referrals to the appropriate agency. The Pregnancy Riskline (1-800-822-2229) provides education and counseling about the risks of drug and environmental exposures during pregnancy.


The Department of Health offers several brochures on its programs and services. Statistical data is also published. Serial publication: FHS Focus (newsletter), quarterly--information on new family health services, grants, scientific studies, resources, and upcoming events.


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