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American Humane Association, Children's Division

Contact Information

Robyn J. Alsop, managing Editor/Librarian
63 Inverness Drive East
Englewood, CO 80112-5117

1-800-227-4645 (Voice - Toll-free)
303-792-9900 (Voice)
303-792-5333 (FAX)

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The Children's Division of the American Humane Association established in 1877, is a nonprofit national association of organizations and individuals working for the protection of children from abuse and neglect. The Association provides training for child welfare professionals, gives technical assistance to State and local programs, sets and promotes national standards for abuse and neglect prevention programs, conducts research, advocates for public policy reforms, publishes professional materials, and maintains a database of official reports of child abuse and neglect. It is funded by dues and contributions.


The Association publishes pamphlets and books on child abuse, trends, research, guidelines, and standards. Serial publication: Protecting Children (magazine), quarterly--information on programs, research, legislation, and conferences on child welfare; Child Protection Leader, quarterly--newsletter on public policy issues affecting children and families.


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