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White Lung Association

Contact Information

Jim Fite
P.O. Box 1483
Baltimore, MD 21203-1483

410-243-5864 (Voice)
410-243-5234 (FAX)

Internet Resources


The White Lung Association, formed in 1979, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of the public to the hazards of asbestos exposure. The Association developed programs of public education and consults with victims of asbestos exposure, school boards, building owners, government agencies, and others interested in identifying asbestos hazards and developing control programs. The Association maintains a collection of print and audiovisual materials on asbestos. The Association is funded by donations and by fees for its services. The Association's over 45,000 members throughout the world are primarily victims of asbestos. The Association represents the needs and stories of asbestos victims from the public, the legislature and the courts.


Serial publication: Asbestos Watch (Newsletter), annual.


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