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National Council on Patient Information and Education

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Ray Bullman
200-A Monroe Street, Suite 212
Rockville, MD 20850

301-340-3940 (Voice),
301-340-3944 (FAX),

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The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) founded in 1982, is a nonprofit coalition of government, consumer, business, patient advocacy and public health organizations whose mission it is to stimulate and improve communication of information on the appropriate use of medicines between healthcare professionals and consumers. NCPIE believes medication misuse is the nation's "other" drug problem. The Council was established to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas, to encourage member organizations to develop and launch medicine communication campaigns, and to develop other methods of educating and informing consumers on the safe and appropriate use of medicines. NCPIE sponsors the online, annual "Talk About Prescriptions" (TAP) Month each October.


Report: A Topical Bibliography on Medicine Complience, 2nd edition. Videos: The "Other" Drug Problem (30 minutes) and Taking the Mystery Out of Managing Your Medicines (11 minutes), target audience is consumers; To Lead a Better Life (30 Minutes) target audience is older adults. Patient brochures and posters are also available for purchase.


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