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American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse

Contact Information

Edward J. Madara, Director
375 E. McFarlan Street
Dover, NJ 07801

1-800-367-6274 (Voice - Toll-free), New Jersey only
973-989-1122 (Voice), National Helpline
973-989-1159 (FAX),

Internet Resources


Though its keyword-searchable online database, national helpline and Sourcebook, the American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse puts people in touch with any of over 1,200 national, international, model, and online self-help groups covering a wide range of illnesses, disabilities, addictions, bereavement, and stressful life situations. They also provide referrals to local self-help clearinghouses that exist in some states. The Clearinghouse provides information and consultation nationally to help people start new types of national self-help groups when none currently exist. Telephone services are available on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST.


The Clearinghouse publishes: The Self-Help Support Group Directory: Your Guide to Local New Jersey, National and Online Groups, 26th Edition, 2011 (704 pages, $29.00 post paid). The Self-Help Support Group Sourcebook, a listing of national group headquarters and model self-help groups, review of what self-help groups are, how they work, research studies done of groups, information on starting groups, and the availability of online computer support groups. 7th Edition Fall 2002 (448 pages, $12 post paid); Other publications include: Guide to Starting a Self-Help Group for Caregivers of the Aged (62 pages, $10 post paid); Ideas for Starting a Self-Help Group for Menopause (6 pages, $3 post paid); Out of Work But Not Alone: Starting a Self-Help Group for Unemployed (37 pages, $8 post paid); Starting Retirement Transition Support Groups (4 pages, $2 post paid); Starting a Post-Partum Depression Support Group (14 pages $5).


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