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Hearing Loss Association of America

Contact Information

Executive Director
7910 Woodmont Avenue
Suite 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814

301-657-2248 (Voice),
301-913-9413 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The Hearing Loss Association of America, founded in 1979, seeks to educate people with hearing loss and the public about hearing loss and its management, and to promote the interests of people with hearing loss. The Association provides self-help programs, technical information, social activities, and referrals on the local chapter level; conferences, an annual convention, advocacy, research, publications, referrals, a bi-monthly journal and an information center on the national level. Advocacy and research efforts are directed at the improvement of hearing technology, the development of alternate communication skills, and the prevention of deafness.


General publications: Hearing Loss Association of America publishes information on all areas of hearing loss. Serial publication: "Hearing Loss" a bimonthly magazine on Hearing Loss Association, activities, research developments, and legislative activities.


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Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) changed to the Hearing Loss Association of America on November 6, 2005


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